Testimonials from clients

"I met Elizabeth through one of her previous clients who saw her speak at a presentation.    I had been looking for a new role for a while and my confidence had suffered through this and a series of setbacks.    I found that I had lost focus and was being pressured into applying for roles that I was not suited to.   Whilst I was gaining interviews I was not focused on what I wanted to achieve.

Before working with Elizabeth I had a strategy and plan, however, I found that I easily went off course and occasionally found myself not completing the tasks I had set myself.   After agreeing to work with me as my Accountability Ally, Elizabeth had an  initial consultation with me to identify my goal and discuss how best to get there.   Elizabeth outlined how she would like to work with me and guide me on my journey and the commitment required from me.   During our call we discussed what commitment was required from me for the week ahead, the tasks I would achieve, the timeline to do so and scheduled a follow up call.

I found that the sessions motivated me to achieve what I had agreed to do and transformed the way I was working.  After three weeks I landed three job offers and will shortly be starting in my dream role.  


Elizabeth is amazing, she makes you view things from a different perspective, asking you exactly the right questions to bring you to the outcome you desire.  If you are considering her as your Accountability Ally, send that message, pick up that phone, take that action for yourself.  Within days I saw a complete transformation to the methods I had been using and my way of thinking.   I would highly recommend Elizabeth, she will bring out the best in you and guide you to success. "

Kate, Worcester


The overall impact of the sessions was that I managed to get a new job within the time-frame I had set myself. I started the session with Liz because I had been made redundant from my previous role and felt pretty battered by the whole process. My discussions with Liz allowed me to get things in perspective and keep calm about things. As a 50 year old looking for a job in marketing I was worried that I would struggle to get a new role but Liz made me see the value of the experience I had. She also kept me on track. I was moving house at the same time and it would have been easy to not focus on looking for a new job.

I feel calmer and think I still have things in better perspective as a result of her guidance.

Thank you Liz, you were a massive help.

Mina, London

Liz was key in helping me to achieve my weight lose goal. She asked just the right questions to establish my reasons for wanting to lose weight, and ensuring I kept these at the forefront of my mind as a means of motivating myself to keep going.

Liz was always really positive and non judgemental and as the weeks went by, I was able to open up to her and be totally honest when I was struggling. She kept me focused and encouraged me to commit to taking action each week which I know I wouldn’t have done without our weekly sessions.

As a result of the coaching I was able to lose 7 lbs in 5 weeks - something I couldn’t have achieved by myself. Thanks Liz!

Kat, London

I found coaching with Liz Pickering both easy and eye-opening.  She is extremely astute and asks considered questions which made me think deeply about my goal and the things and attitudes in my life which were impacting negatively on the bigger picture.

She was also very patient, and managed my tumbling excitement over a situation which threatened to de-rail an entire coaching session before she bought it back on track.

 Liz also noticed a change in me after some scary news which I hadn’t talked to anyone about.  Although I hadn’t mentioned it, she identified a change in my outlook on life and by using a combination of probing questions and reassurance, I felt able to confide in her.  Although I don’t have a resolution to this situation yet, I do feel much more in control and able to look forward.

 I really enjoy working with Liz and would recommend her to anyone who wishes to be coached towards a goal or to find a way to move on from a challenging situation.

​Suzanne, Berkhamsted

I have really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Liz Pickering.

We met at my first Accelerator day in September 2017 and have kept in contact, with a number of formal coaching sessions over recent months.

On every occasion I have found Liz’s style to be thoughtful ; challenging but supportive ; and she has really made me ‘ stop in my tracks’ on occasions . She has been particularly helpful in supporting me to achieve my goals of saying ‘no ‘ to other people, and finding a better balance between work and pleasure.

What I have particularly liked is that, even though we are both building up our experience as coaches, and therefore very familiar with the GROW model, I have never felt that Liz was walking me through a prescriptive model. Our conversations have always felt real ; natural ; vibrant; and thought- provoking .  I have so valued her insights.

I will always be grateful to Liz for one particular , memorable question  - ‘ What is your purpose?’ . That question, early on in our coaching work together, absolutely made me think hard, and ultimately, has really focused my thinking on what I want to achieve in terms of a fulfilling role for myself regarding my work. Thank you Liz for your support and insights, you have been the right coach for me at the right time !

Sue, Warwick