Do you spend your days looking after people, but when it comes to looking after yourself there’s nothing left?

Do you often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and on the road to burnout?

Do struggle to get a good night's sleep, eat healthily and fit in any exercise?

Are you frustrated at how life looks right now and longing for change?

What if you were able to:

- Sleep well and worry less?

- Bounce back faster and stronger when tough times hit?

- Feel excited and energised about your future?

- Bring your best self to work, to your relationships and caring responsibilities?

Introducing My Big Picture; a self-paced, online course to take you from breaking point to being back in control, happy and calm.



5 modules all online, allowing you to go at your own pace

60 hours

Training, activities and exercises to take you from overwhelm to calm


5 deep breathing exercises to induce calm and help you relax


1hr free 'deep dive' coaching session with Elizabeth 


I felt like I was going to burn out if I didn’t change something but couldn’t afford just to quit. Going through the tools and activities in the Big Picture course helped me to focus on what was really important and gave me much-needed spotlight on my own life and well-being. I learned that being the best version of me also meant my kids, my husband, and my colleagues got this version too! The added bonus of being able to have a 1-2-1 coaching call with Liz really was the icing on the cake – I’m on a completely different path now and feel myself again.


I had been looking for a new role for a while and my confidence had suffered through this and a series of setbacks. I found that I had lost focus and was being pressured into applying for roles that I was not suited to. I found the sessions motivated me to achieve what I knew I could do and transformed the way I was working. After just three weeks I landed three job offers and will shortly be starting in my dream role.



I am a senior manager in the NHS and in 2017 I was signed off with work-related stress, ultimately being diagnosed as burnout.

In 2021, I’m back as an interim senior manager doing my part for the NHS during Covid, but now with a fresh perspective on life, a happier and calmer outlook, and my own coaching business to help other women like you, not go through what I did.

I created this course for busy, female healthcare workers to find your own path to happiness and fulfilment and build your resilience.

Why Elizabeth?

Are you ready to take action and change your future?

For just a £497 investment you can start today designing your future Big Picture.