Finding the power within to change


If you are a healthcare worker feeling exhausted, finding you're often irritable and snapping at your loved ones, feeling guilty for being short-tempered and sad that you no longer love your job, then you're in the right place.

I help you build your resilience to be able to bounce back faster, stronger, and more energised, even during tough times. I'm passionate about supporting healthcare workers to make changes, find happiness and live a fulfilled life. 

Through personal coaching (1:2:1) and my bespoke training course, 'My Big Picture', you can find the path to long-lasting change and love the things dearest to you - including your job!

Elizabeth Pickering, Coach Trainer Mentor Consultant

Quick Quiz: 

They are overworked, stressed, overwhelmed professionals and feel that life is out of control and they are looking for a tailor made balance for their life.

They are often experiencing stress, snapping at people, being short tempered often affecting their working relationships.

They have had to compromise their values, meaning they're taking short cuts at work leaving them worrying at night about the effect on clients.

They have that churning sick feeling of worry which has cost them a loss of peace of mind, their health and loss of sleep.

Often they work too late, not getting the exercise they need, they know they're not eating the healthiest of foods, often meals of convenience, no longer feeling fit and healthy.

They often work early mornings, missing time with the family, even costing them their relationships at home.

They're burning out, making wrong even bad decisions, becoming inefficient, ineffective at work and still not getting all the work done.

So where do my clients want to be ....

Imagine that you are stress free, you’re an inspiration to your staff helping them climb the ladder to reach their potential, meeting targets with ease

What if you’re providing that world class service to your clients who are delighted with you and your business is soaring to new heights

Picture this, you’re fit and healthy, you’re looking fabulous, at your peak, speaking and sharing your secret of success with others, not only motivating your team, but others, across the country, across the world?

Imagine a life in balance, spending time with your loved ones, enjoying your hobbies, supporting your community, your spiritual life fulfilled

What if you’re empowered to make great decisions, you’re efficient, effective at work, you’re the leader you were born to be, you have the courage to step up and living to your full potential

How Coaching works for you

​Can you imagine a life where all your personal dreams are starting to come true....  You could be changing your career, losing weight, travelling the world. 

Can you imagine working in a team that actually works together, you are achieving your objectives, actually meeting targets.

You know about stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, bullying and harassment, you're experiencing them and you want to learn tools to make it stop.

You want to build your personal resilience in a forever changing world, finding true, lasting happiness and contentment in both your personal and  professional life.

Then coaching with me could be your answer.

I work in a very bespoke way, each session is tailored to you.  We speak via skype or phone at a time to suit you for as long as you need, normally 45 - 60 minutes.  I provide support, a sounding board for you to talk through where you are and more importantly where you want to get to.  After each session you leave with an action plan for you to move forward.  The objective is always to be moving forward.

If you take the Accountability Package, this is a 45 minute call to estable your short term goal and then a 15 minute call every week for 3 weeks to keep you on track.

What are the benefits of working with me both for you persoanally and for your organisation



Being able to see yourself and others clearly is vitally important within organizations.  I bring self awareness to individuals by questioning the assumptions you have about yourself, I'm curious about where your strengths are and what directions do you need to grow.

Being able to see others as they really are is as vital as knowing yourself. Using the same techniques to know yourself I'll question you carefully and sensitively about your assumptions of others, allowing you to see others without over or under-estimating others abilities.

This clarity will fill you with a renewed energy, you set your direction of travel, you have a viable action plan and it gives you courage to reach for success.



Being motivated to achieve your goals and dreams is part of the coaching experience, but to achieve this it's about engagement.  I provide a unique powerful support system on your journey, being honest about how you are doing, reminding you of what you want to achieve, challenging you when things don't go according to plan and celebrating your successes, allowing you to learn new ways of thinking and operating.

This enhanced motivation leads to job satisfaction, higher productivity, ability to learn and a dynamism within your team or organisation that you didn't know could exist.


Achievable results

Being clear about yourself and others, with a heightened motivation leads to enhanced productivity and empowered decision making giving both you and your organisation the results you are dreaming about.

By creating a healthy and productive work culture for yourself it permeates through the organisation enhancing the productivity of all.

Achieving results and enhance productivity can lead to growth of your service or business, meeting the demands of your consumers and ensuring you are efficient and effective in delivering your service.