Mental Toughness - do you have it?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I love this quote, because it's the truth,

"whether you think you CAN or you think you CAN'T, you're right!!"

It's all about your mindset, what your thoughts are, what you tell yourself.

Have you ever wondered about how strong your mind is?

Have you ever thought about your thoughts?

It's been said that we think 60,000 thoughts a day

40% are on the future of which 99% are worrying about what might happen.

30% are on the past - that we can do nothing about

12% are on doubts

10% on worries about health

8% what's actually happening in the present

92% of our thoughts are on what might, could, has happened, all of which we can do nothing about.

8% of our thoughts are on the present.

Imagine what you could do if you trained your mind to use 92% of its time on the present and what you can do. What could you do then?

I often think if I was brighter, more intelligent I'd be more successful.

Interestingly I read an article that said intelligence only accounts for 30% of your achievement. So what makes the bigger impact - it's mental toughness, mental strength or grit. Whatever you want to call it, it's that perseverance and passion to achieve, its way more important than anything else. The other great piece of news is that you can develop it. It's like a muscle, the more you use it, grow it, develop it, the better you get.

So what do you need to do?

Show up, don't miss out on workouts, projects, assignments

Have a clear daily goal and don't deviate

Build up those around you, all the time

Be consistent, do the most important first, be responsible and accountable.

Push yourself the extra mile, whether it's an extra push up, or not eating the last chocolate. Prove you can do it. Build daily habits that keep you on track, don't be blown off course. When you get blown off course, get back on track, be dedicated to your daily routine and habits.

Remember 95% of the circumstances in life, mental strength simple comes down to being more consistent than everyone else.

Most of everything I now do is about being consistent and building up good daily habits.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If this post has made you think and you would like to make a change, then contact me and we can have a free 30-minute chat about how I can help you and then start working together with some 1 2 1 coaching. Find the power within to change - why not do it today.

About the Author Elizabeth Pickering is an Executive Resilience coach, who helps people find success, focus and balance in their life. I take them from feeling overworked, overwhelmed, stuck and stressed to feeling energised, empowered and falling in love with life again.Working with sole traders, business owners and entrepreneurs, I keep them on track towards their goals, giving them energy, focus, motivation and the freedom to enjoy their life.