Is your relationship as strong as you think?

Traditionally strengths and weaknesses are associated with interviews, work and your career, but what about your strengths in your relationships.

Strong, deep relationships with those we love and trust is one of the keys to battling stress, anxiety and depression and for making you stronger in building your mental well being.

When I sat down and thought about my strengths within my romantic relationship I came up with the following:-

1. Compassion And Empathy

I have a born ability to pull from my own experience and imagine how he might be feeling and then try and give the emotional support he might need. Sometimes just listening and murmuring I understand is all he needs.

2. Spidery 6th sense.

It's hard to explain a women's intuition, we just have it. He needs to learn to listen to it and I need to learn to use it and communicate more!

3. Endurance Through Pain Or Illness

I've been suffering for the past years with perimenopause symptoms, which has caused me no end of problems. Often thought I'll still go out of my way to do things, go places, to do the caring, even when I'm sick, I seem to be able to bounce back quickly, which is good.

4. Caring

This is a big one and can mean so many things, to different people, for me, my demonstration is that I'm always feeding him. I'm always thinking what's his favourite and then cooking it or making sure there's a treat in the fridge/cupboard. It's all about nurturing.

5. Encourager

I like to support and encourage him. Work is so important to him, but when he has a problem, I'm the listening ear, when he's successful I'm the one who makes him celebrate!

6. Patience

I seem to have endless amounts of patience with him. I accept his flaws and quirks and at times they make me laugh. I'm the better communicator and can often find the comprise that makes us both happy.

On reading this back I find myself wondering who this superwomen is and then I look in the mirror and know that it's me.

Having and knowing these strengths, means that I can endeavour to make our relationship stronger and deeper, which in turn brings me great joy and happiness. It doesn't mean that I never voice my opinion or have a cross word or two, but it means that I know myself and the potential that I have inside me.

In The Space Hoppers with Liz we're exploring what strengths really means in today's world. Is it about knowing your strengths just for work, but how can they work in the rest of you life? If you're interested, then why not join us.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If this post has made you think and you would like to make a change, then contact me and we can have a free 30-minute chat about how I can help you.

About the Author Elizabeth Pickering is a Resilience coach, who helps people find success, focus and balance in their life. I take them from feeling overworked, overwhelmed, stuck and stressed to feeling energised, empowered and falling in love with life again.Working with sole traders, business owners and entrepreneurs, I keep them on track towards their goals, giving them energy, focus, motivation and the freedom to enjoy their life.


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