Too Stressed to work?

Too stressed to work, not sure what to do?
Do you know your breaking point? Not sure what to do next?

In the NHS last year, we lost 17,700,000 that's 17.7 million work days because our doctors, nurse, dentists, allied health professionals, managers, engineers, accountants, IT and administration staff are too stressed or depressed to work. That's just the NHS, what about the rest of the organisations and companies throughout the land. Are you one of those people that are already off work because of stress or maybe you're at your breaking point? Or maybe, you know you're stressed, but think you can cope, you actually don't know how far off that breaking point is?

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How would you like to know the top 5 resilience strategies that work in real life?

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About the Author

Elizabeth Pickering is a Resilience coach, who helps people find resilience within themselves to inspire, lead and motivate themselves both at home and at work to avoid burnout, stress and exhaustion.


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